James Madison Becomes A Second Amendment Meme

James Madison with guns

James Madison Becomes a Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms Meme

Using some of the characters I’ve created with Photoshop, I have created a Second Amendment meme that has been used on social media.  Feel free to use this for non-commercial use regardless of your political bent.

Final Version Photo

Below is the final photo used for the Second Amendment meme.  James Madison is standing on the portico of his Montpelier plantation home in Orange County, VA. Madison has an American flag draped around his shoulders, pointing a Glock at the camera and holding an AR-15. Yes, I know, he is now violating “4 U.S. Code § 8. Respect for the flag” by wearing it, but hey this is James Madison. He can do what he wants.

James Madison with an AR-15

Flag Only Version of Photo

Below is the same image of Madison gripping the flag without the guns.James Madison with Flag draped over his shoulder

Creating the Image

I started with an image of Madison’s portico from my visit of Montpelier in June of 2019 and a picture of a wax figure of James Madison that was taken at Madame Tussauds wax museum from my visit to Washington, D.C.

James Madison's Montpelier Portico Wax Figure of James Madison and me

I placed the cutout of myself and the wax Madison into the image of Madison’s Montpelier portico. I removed the wax head and used the head from Asher Durand’s 1833 painting of Madison, as this image looked the most like Madison when compared to his life mask. The image is the same one I used in An Intimate Tour of Montpelier with James and Dolley Madison.

James Madison at Montpelier with me

Of course, we could not have a meme with me in it. I cut myself out of the image. A little bit of me is left in the image with my hand cut off and still on Madison’s shoulder. Ouch! That’s okay because we are going to cover these parts with a flag.

James Madison Cut Out

We need a flag. I downloaded two pics of shoulder draped flags from a stock site. As you can see in the first photo, the bottom of the flag has been cropped out of the photo; therefore I need the second photo to “cut” pieces from the bottom of the flag to make a full flag.

Man with Flag 

I cut the flag into two separate pieces. I placed the side with stars on one shoulder and the side with bars on the other. Due to the angle of the stock model, I was unable to cut the flag as one piece and place it on Madison. As you can see the bottom of the flag is cut off and does not look correct, also I’ve removed part of his right hand because the model’s hand was a little too big to fit on the small-framed Madison.

Madison with half flag James Madison with partial flag

Now the bottoms of the flag and a slightly reduced right hand from the stock model have been added to the image. Of course, the bottoms were not a perfect fit. I had to use Photoshop’s clone, eraser, and rotation tools to make it work.

James Madison with Flag Bottom Added

Now that the flag is correct, the guns are added. Stock images of a hand holding a Glock and an AR-15 are placed into the photo using transparency layers.

James Madison with Gun elements

The backgrounds are removed from the guns. The hand with the gun is resized, and the flesh tone is changed to match Madison. The AR-15 is color toned, turned and repositioned under the flag to appear to be in Madison’s hand. The meme is sized for social media and text added.

James Madison Gun Meme

See the video of the meme creation.

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