Photoshop: Colorizing and Changing A Facial Angle

When colorizing an old black and white portrait we sometimes want to do more than just colorize and bring it to life. We want to see a different view of the person.

Using Photoshop and select AI (artificial intelligence) tools, I have created a new portrait of my 4th great-grandfather, Jackson Chaney (1817-1894) based on a photograph taken circa 1888. This new portrait is not just another colorization of a black and white photograph but a reconstruction featuring a rotation to a face-forward view of Jackson, who is also now donning modern attire.

I’ve been asked to share how I made the colorization and facial angle change in the image below. While I will not go into all the minutia, I will give a basic breakdown of how it is done. The author is assuming that the reader has rudimentary colorization and compositing Photoshop skills. If not, tutorials are listed at the bottom of this post.

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