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Creative Commons License
Some works at are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License and are free to anyone for NonCommercial use with attribution under the license. Images that are used by permission, from outside sources, logos, and images of me, do not fall under this license. All life mask reconstruction images and composites that I have created are copyrighted and are not for use without permission. Please contact me if you wish to use an image from this site.

Using Digital Yarbs images:

If you want to use an image that falls under the CC license above, contact me, as the images on this site have been resized and optimized for web use. I can provide larger and higher resolution images for your use. Some full size images are available at the Downloads page.

Understanding Copyright Issues:

As one who creates my own art as well as one who uses the art of others, understanding fair use and copyright can sometimes be difficult. Below is a resource that will help you more clearly understand fair use and copyright. In my opinion, one of the best resources out there……

Creative Law Center

Is it Fair Use? Using the Creative Work of Others

Creative Law Center

Where creative professionals come to learn about the law so they can create with confidence.

The Creative Law Center is designed to deliver practical, easy-to-understand, actionable information ~ brought to you by someone who admires artists of all styles and writers in all genres, is intrigued by their creative process, and believes that now is the time for artists to prosper by their art.

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