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Happy 40th Birthday! 1979 Ford LTD

The 40th Anniversary of the 1979 Ford LTD

Happy Birthday 1979 Ford LTD


I’ve owned a 1957 Thunderbird, several 1970’s Pontiac Trans Ams, a 1958 Edsel, several 1956 Fords, a few mustangs and have sold them all. The one car I’ve kept is a 1979 Ford LTD, surely not the most sought after classic but the ’79 LTD has remained one of my all time favorites.

2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the body style change for the LTD. The body style remained virtually unchanged from 1979 to 1987 with the ’79-’83 models offering a “single headlamp” version and a “dual headlamp” version.

1979 Ford LTDs
Source: (Left Image) Barn Finds, (Right Image) Digital Yarbs

As a tribute, this post features everything ’79 LTD…..Enjoy! Continue reading Happy 40th Birthday! 1979 Ford LTD