Life Mask Facial Reconstructions of History

Life Mask Facial Reconstructions of History

Life Masks

Before photography, life masks gave us the perfect likeness of early Americans. Plaster was applied to the head and sometimes upper torso to create a mold to cast a person’s life mask. Using life masks, I was able to complete a forensic/academic study of how the subjects most likely appeared using Adobe Photoshop to add flesh, hair, and other details.

This page features the life mask reconstructions of the faces cast in plaster by John Henri Isaac Browere (1790—1834) and Jean-Antoine Houdon (1741-1828)

See these early Americans and other historical figures come to life. Each post features a reconstruction of a life mask along with a little history to boot.

Busts and Statues

Unlike life masks, busts and statues may not be an exact likeness of the subject.

Lost Photographs of History

Compositions using life masks.