Colorizing History – Bringing Black and White Photographs Back to Life!

Mary Chaney Thompson

“Photoshopping” The Past

A gallery of black and white photographs I colorized using “my favorite” imaging software, Adobe Photoshop. See a few famous as well as not so famous faces. See also my colorization of life masks and de-aging using action figure heads.

Not so famous faces

Mary Chaney Thompson
Mary Chaney Thompson (1847-1920)
Anna Daniel Gardner
Anna Daniel Gardner (1871-1953)
Henry Daniel
Henry Daniel (1874-1953)

Famous Faces

John Quincy Adams
John Quincy Adams (1767-1848)
Frederick Douglass
Frederick Douglass
Nathan Bedford Forrest
Nathan Bedford Forrest (1821-1877)
Nathan Bedford Forrest
Nathan Bedford Forrest by Matthew Brady. Original photos: from the collections of Matt Hagans and Steve and Mike Romano

Life Mask Colorization

James Madison
James Madison (1751-1836)

See What Did The Founding Fathers Look Like? – James Madison

De-Aging Using Photoshop’s liquify filter

Below, I used Photoshop’s Liquify filter on an action figure head to create a youthful version of my 4th-great grandfather.

Jackson Chaney
Jackson Chaney (1817-1894)

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