Superman, USB and Me

An Intimate Tour of the Super Museum in Metropolis with Superman

 The Tour of the Super Museum in Metropolis Illinois with Superman


Using a Sideshow 1/6 scale Superman action figure and a little Adobe Photoshop magic I was able to create the perfect companion for my trip to the Super Museum in Metropolis Illinois.  Come along and see the photo tour of the Museum with me. At the end of this post see the video of the before and after Superman scenes.

Superman Arrives

Shocked, I couldn’t believe that Superman responded to my text and actually showed up at my house…. yes, the Man of Steel at my house! I felt that same giddy excitement that Lois Lane felt the day Superman visited her for the first time by landing on her balcony. Unlike Lois, at least I didn’t have to fall out of a helicopter to get his attention.1

Superman hovering above the deck

Seeing him for the first time, I said, “Wow, you don’t look like Christoper Reeve.”

“Of course not,” he grins, “Reeve was just an actor, I’m the real thing, Kal-El from Krypton.”

Still in shock, I said, “You mean you can really fly?”

“Yes, and I’m here to take you to the Super Museum in Illinois.”

Standing with Superman on deck

After my visit with James and Dolley Madison, I knew this visit with Superman was going to be, well, just super.  I was looking forward to another vacation trip.

I said, “Superman, I’m 48 going on 5.  Take me to see some Superman toys! ”

Before we go, someone or should I say something shows up.  It’s the evil USB with it’s blue energized power ray eyes.  It tries to stop us from making the trip. Superman flies up and confronts the evil AI (Artificially Intelligent) device.

He says, “This looks like a job for Superman!”

Superman confronting an electronic enemy

Superman zaps the villain with his heat ray vision right there in my front yard.

Superman using heat ray vision on an enemy

The giant evil USB crashes to the ground in flames. We can now make our trip to Metropolis unhindered.

Superman and I with burnt enemy

Arrival at the Super Museum in Metropolis Illinois

We arrive at the Super Museum. Looks like Perry White beat us there in the Daily Planet 1953 Chevrolet.

Superman Super Museum in Metropolis Illinois

We are greeted by a giant Superman statue at the end of the street.

Giant Superman Statue in Metropolis

And another giant statue.

Superman at the Super Museum

Look at the inspection sticker on that old Chevy, it’s from my home state North Carolina!

1953 Chevrolet at the Super Museum

Admission is only $5 to see everything Superman!

Super Museum Front

So much Superman.

Superman Super Museum in Metropolis Illinois

And more Superman.

Superman Super Museum in Metropolis Illinois

Superman Super Museum in Metropolis Illinois

George Reeves figures.

George Reeves Superman Figures

Superman versus Muhammad Ali. These figures were taken from the front cover of DC Comic’s 1978 oversize comic #C-56.

Superman and Muhammed Ali


Superman Super Museum in Metropolis Illinois

Brandon Routh (left) and (Right) the Ken Doll Superman.

Superman Brandon Routh and Ken Doll

(Right) Costume used by George Reeves.

Superman Costumes

(Left) Costumes used by Christopher Reeve.

Superman Movie Costumes

Christopher Reeve Superman

A little bit of Supergirl.

Supergirl Figures

Items at the Super Museum

Superman Costume as the Super Museum

Superman Figures at the Super Museum

Superman Figures at the Super Museum

Superman Super Museum in Metropolis Illinois

Superman Super Museum in Metropolis Illinois

(Left) Dean Cain as Superman. (Right) George Reeves Superman Figure

Dean Cain Superman Figure

(Left) Christoper Reeve as Clark Kent, (Right) Posing with Batman in my Superman garb.

Batman and Clark Kent at the Super Museum

Posing with Superman in my Superman garb.Superman Super Museum in Metropolis Illinois

As I did with James Madison and my visit to Montpelier, I had to do the same with Superman and have a photo made with him. Eat your heart out, Lois Lane!

Superman and I on the deck

This video shows the process of creating some of the scenes with Superman.

See more of my Photoshop creations at: Digital Yarbs Logo

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