Big Star Grocery Stores…A Blast From The Past

Big Star Grocery Store games pieces from the 1980s

1981 Big Star Grocery Game Pieces

If you were living in the Danville, Virginia area during the 1970s and 1980’s you surely remember the Big Star grocery stores.  We shopped at the Big Star located in Ballou Park. The store is now a Food Lion.

Big Star Grocery Store

While digging through some of my grandmother’s old stuff, I came across some Big Star grocery game pieces from 1981. I was ten years old when I remember my grandmother getting some of these Instant Vegas pieces below.

I don’t recall seeing my grandmother getting the Royal Blue Bonnet Instant Holiday Sweepstakes pieces below.  Check out the dates, the game ended on April 30, 1981.

I enjoy finding bits and pieces of the past like these as they are not something that most people save. I’m curious if any of these or other groceteria game pieces from that era still exist.

A little bit about Big Star…..

According to Wikipedia, “The Big Star stores were self-service supermarket operations which began to replace the small full-service stores Pender’s had operated up to that point. By the late 1940s the entire company had rebranded under the Colonial Stores name. The Big Star name was revived around 1968 for a new discount chain owned by Colonial; eventually all stores were closed or converted to the Big Star name. Grand Union purchased the chain in 1978. The North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia stores were sold to Harris Teeter in 1988, while the Georgia stores were sold in 1992, with most of the Atlanta locations going to A&P. These stores were heavily remodeled, but eventually sold to Publix in 1999. Stores currently operating under the Big Star name in places like Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee, were part of a franchise operation that was never directed to the connected to the Big Star chain proper.”

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  1. Please bring wrens ga. A Big Star supermarket. I grew up with big star in the. 60 s. I lived in aiken Sc. With one.

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