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Intimate History Tours

Intimate History Tours sprang from an Adobe Photoshop graphic novel I created using James Madison as a fictional character. The graphic novel became too long and challenging, so I decided to focus on shorter blog posts with different personages from history. I visit a historical location and then “Photoshop” a virtual tour in which you and I get to meet folks from history

The Madison Project

It all started with a graphic novel aimed at a Star Trek, Star Wars fan base who may not otherwise consider historical fiction. One could read this novel and get a historically accurate account of James Madison intertwined with a good science fiction story. The Madison project is a series of blog posts featuring select images from that effort along with a few tutorials as well as an intimate history tour with Madison, his wife, Dolley and a Second Amendment meme centered around Madison.

Colorizing History

Another Photoshop hobby of mine is restoring and colorizing old photos.

Blast From The Past

Blast from the past is a series of post about tidbits from the past that I find interesting. Anything could show up here!


All things Presidents of the United States.

Classic Cars

All things “Old Cars.”